Kornips is the tradename of the organization that came forth from an accounting and tax advisory firm with a long history in the south of the Netherlands. The name Kornips was first attached to the firm when Jo Kornips took over from the previous owner in 1971.
Nowadays, Jo Kornips is still part of the firm as an advisor. At the beginning of 2014 Ralph Kornips took over the firm and expanded with a second office in Eindhoven shortly thereafter. During the beginning of 2019 all activities moved to the Eindhoven office.


Tax and business advising:
this concerns advising with the right type of company at inception, advising with business plans and financing, advising with subjects such as succession and acquisition, estate planning and pension plans. In short, the necessary partner for (starting) entrepreneurs.

Accounting services:
providing bookkeeping and payroll services, compiling financial statements and condensed financial statements for publication purposes, filing all types of tax returns, such as VAT, withholding taxes, corporate tax, dividend tax and personal income tax.

Interim management:
temporarily take over, restructure or set up (parts of) internal accounting and internal control within a company.


we work closely with notaries, lawyers and legal advisors in order to act quickly and efficiently if there is any need for legal support with our clients.

if specialized knowledge is needed with tax matters, we work closely with some of the largest tax advisory firms in the Netherlands, in order to bring the right specialist to the table.


Our clients consists of a diversity of SME companies, from sole proprietorships to companies with up to 50 employees.

We are very active in health care and start-up companies.


Freddy van Riemsdijkweg 4 | 5657 EE Eindhoven

P.O. Box 8575 | 5605 KN Eindhoven

Tel. +31(0)475 – 349 000

info@kornips.nl  |  kornips.nl